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For over 25 years Jerome Feig’s custom framing business was widely considered the go to place for upholding the finest standards of conservation quality picture framing in metropolitan Detroit. He has been active in conservation fields since 1988. He is proficient at gilding wooden objects and had a painting and paper conservation staff.
When Jerome Feig was introduced to anoxic micro climate enclosures he saw the benefits of such a method which lead to the development of the minoxy® micro-climate framing system.
As the story goes, after a lot of research, trial and error the minoxy® micro-climate system was launched. A masterpiece of modern micro-climate enclosure technology is now available for both collectors and conservators alike at an affordable price.

Museum Quality

Oxygen Free Preservation

Humidity Controlled

Affordable Value

Customizable Options


Both styles of enclosures have the same sealing system, a custom-designed “U” shaped gasket. When the cover is placed on and secured it compressed the entire seal to keep the contents away from the normal atmosphere. Each enclosure has 2 or 3 seals between the body of the enclosure and both the back plate and top glazing.


Each enclosure has two stainless steel one-way valves.  A one-way valve is sometimes called a check valve, lets gas flow in only one direction.  They are rated for a very low breaking force.  Breaking force is the amount of pressure needed to open the valve and allow the flow of gas or liquid.  Since Argon is heavier than air the inlet valve is lower than the exhaust valve to allow a better flushing action of the contents of the enclosure when the top(head) of the enclosure is raised slightly during the gas replacement process.

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